2 years ago

Selling Like A Mutant: Mastering The Truest Art Of Selling Just Anything......Vol.1

Selling Like A Mutant: Mastering The Truest Art Of Selling Just Anything......Vol.1

The internet platform is not for everyone to make money. In fact while some people makes the cash, others actually provide the cash. It is not a game of chance or for the clueless. It is a place for sane minds with clarity of purpose and vision. There are many ways of making money on the internet, yet, it all boil down to SELLING. If you cannot sell, then you will surely fell in your bid to making money online.

For real, making on the internet is easy if you have the kind of right training or right information about the right market reality per time. You can still fell woefully in selling online though with a PhD from the best University around the corner of the earth. Selling is the king in the internet economy. The highest seller in the market of any niche is not usually the best brain, rather the one who has succeeded to pull out a golden secret that others have not. Selling is not about grammatical prowess or efficiency. It is more than that. A dummy with access to this golden secret can beat the best of brain from any University in the world. This is not hype to make you feel better, rather comes up with empirical evidences to back up.

So what is this secret? Here is the first secret: “To sell effective like a Mutant Virus, you need to operate location intelligence”. You need to understand the reality complex of the market and how the people interacts with this reality. You need to understand the level of acceptability of this reality in the market and the market demography that controls or being control by the dominant knowledge. Your ability to decipher this constraints and its imposing limitation in the market reality determines how far you are going to dominate the market.


Copyrigth By Ritchie Felix